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Chirutha Review

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A good question to analyze Chirutha is, if it cast an unknown newcomer with the same acting talent and screen presence as Ram Charan, would it have worked.

The answer is no.

A better question is, does Chirutha work.

The answer is no.

It's not to Ram Charan's discredit, however (did you forget, this movie is about him). He gives the movie more or less what it needs. The one who doesn't is Puri Jagannath.

Indeed, screenplay-god Jagannath fumbles in his core competence - you actually get bored in the second half. Things do not seem to flow logically, the comedy is just short of non-existent (with Venu Madhav, Ali, Brahmanandam, M S Narayana and Dharmavarapu in the cast, that's actually a feat), there's no soul in the romance, the dialogues - a Jagannath Chef Special - impress more as aberrations here and there, and there is no uniform, forget powerful, theme propelling the unraveling.

Did we miss anything?

On the flip side, they never once refer to Charan's dad or family. That's incredible display of dignity by normal Tollywood standards.

Charan (Ram Charan) spends his entire childhood in jail since he owns up to a crime he did not commit, for money that he needs to get his mother operated upon, after a criminal, Mattu Bhai (Ashish Vidyarthi), murders his father and grievously injures her. When he's released, he moves to Bangkok as a tourist guide there.

He falls in love with Sanjana (Neha), the ultra-snooty daughter of the ultra-rich Karthikeya (Prakash Raj), and accompanies her and her posse of friends on their tour of Bangkok, as a guide. The romance occupies 75% of the film, and destroys it.

The character of Sanjana is etched out too harshly, and stays that way too long, for the audience to warm up to her and take ownership. There's no intelligent courtship between two smart people that engrosses you - this is a 1980s formula that's botched up to make it even worse.

Indeed, Sanjana turns over a new leaf and falls in love with Charan in one extremely unconvincing short scene (actually, there's no scene at all). In fact, a whole chunk where the couple get marooned on an island seems like a disjoint, and takes the romance way over the scheduled time.

Plus, all the inconsistencies. Why does Charan make like he is about to rape her? Why does he confess love to her, when he says earlier to a friend that her arrogance has killed all the love he had for her? How does a 20-year-old girl as spoilt and arrogant as Sanjana change with just a 2-minute speech from Charan? Why (and when, and how) does she fall in love with him? And why does Sanjana's reasoning and loving father, never portrayed as a villian, order Charan killed when she professes love for him?

Yes, the screenplay has issues. Luckily for Puri Jagan, Neha Sharma is okay with being skimpily clad all through.

Then the movie completely changes tack, with the revenge drama suddenly kicking in. To cover it up, Charan mutters something about how he's been at it all through.

Ram Charan turns in a dignified, if not high-octane or energetic, performance - he has a good voice and frame, and has perfected some dance moves. Neha does well in the scope that a poorly written character can afford. And Prakash Raj gets to mouth some good lines. Ali's character however is meaningless, and painful to tolerate. In fact, the entire comedy track has no life in it, with you smiling more because of who is saying something rather than what he is saying.

There are no great tracks on the musical score that you will still be hearing this time next year, though they don't put you off. And Bangkok offers no visual extravaganzas. Kulu Manali was better.

The BO fate might be the same - Desamuduru, despite not too many people thinking it was a great product, worked well due to lack of competition. The month after Chirutha's release however sees Mahesh and Venkatesh, top A-listers, hitting the box office. And Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Also, all of Puri Jagan's movies so far have also been helped by either big or energetic/hyperactive stars. This one casts a sober debutant.

Chirutha might work for you if you go in to have a good time, and have not read any reviews.
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Chirutha (telugu) reviews
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  • Cast
    Ram Charan, Neha Sharma, Ashish Vidyarthi, Daniel Balaji, Prakash Raj, Uttej, Venu Madhav, Brahmanandam, Ali, M S Narayana, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Tanikella Bharani
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  • Music
    Mani Sharma
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  • Director
    Puri Jagannath
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  • Theatres
    Not screening currently in any theatres in Hyderabad.
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Can watch again - NA
Good for kids - NA
Good for dates - NA
Wait to rent it - NA
Neelu on 3rd Oct 2007, 3:21am | Permalink
If you expect what you need to expect from a mass movie, i.e, if you excercise common sense, its paisa vasool...
Srinivas Sharma on 3rd Oct 2007, 3:12am | Permalink
Regardless whats to be judged here, my rating goes to how Ram Charan fared...For a debut movie, he did very well - or may be the minimal expectations I had for him helped me get impressed a lot!
Guru Charan on 1st Oct 2007, 7:29pm | Permalink
Chirutha, the most awaited movie of the season, is released.
I was among the first few to book the tickets. On a normal

day, i would have booked the tickets for the first day itself,

but due to my office timings, i had to book the tickets for

second day.

My general tendency is to read reviews from various sites on

the net and set my expectations accordingly so that i am not

disappointed by any movie.I trust the most.

But i read reviews from and as

well. I had read the reviews on the first day itself and

looking at the mixed responses, had lowered my expectations on

the movie of the Junior Mega Star.

On the day of the movie, i reached the theatre well ahead of

time to avoid missing the beginning. What i found was that the

tickets were already sold even for the next 4 days. I

considered myself lucky since i had a ticket(thanks to I was accompanied by two of my friends,

none of us was a die-hard fan of Chiranjeevi but would never

miss a movie of Chiranjeevi. Since my childhood, i liked

Chiranjeevi movies, but never considered myself as his fan.

For that matter, i am a fan only of AR Rahman and no one else.
We entered the theatre, grabbed Coke, popcorn and sat on the

alloted chairs. I could hear the gossiping Chiru FANS

certifying the movie as Super Hit even before they saw it. A

few of them were here for the second time.

The movie started with a big bang and when the name of the

movie was shown, i could hear huge whistles and see paper bits

flying in the air. I prefer watching Megastarred

movies(Chiru, Rajni) only in ordinary theatres because i love

the atmosphere there, especially in the first week. Multiplex

crowd is a bit too calm for these movies.

Now the big one... the screen shows "INTRODUCING RAM CHARAN"

and the decibels of Whistles was increased automatically by

excited fans of Mega Star. The movie started with junior Puri

Jagannadh playing child Ram Charan. Fifteen minutes into the

movie, Ram Charan's introductory fight scene came and the way

crowd responded was as expected. More Whistles... More paper

bits...The same thing happened when the first song came and

Ram Charan danced a few good steps.

30 minutes into the movie, I suddenly felt as if i am sitting

in a Multiplex and none of the people around me is a Chiru

fan. Initially, i thought that people are very much involved

into the movie. But only at the time of interval, i realised

that most of them were bored of the routine storyline and lack

of comedy. Ram Charan looks a promising actor with decent

dancing capabilities, good dialogue delivery, good

stunts(Thanks to some extraordinary graphics) but somehow i

felt that Chiranjeevi, Puri, Ashwin Dutt and Pawan Kalyan

thought a little too much regarding the launch and as it is

said.."too many cooks spoil the broth".

After the movie was over, i felt that this cannot be a Puri

Jagannadh's movie. At the same time, Ram Charan had gained my

trust as a decent actor, if not compared to Allu Arjun,

Siddharth, Mahesh Babu. His success depends upon the movies he


While leaving the theatre, i had a few questions in my mind...

Does Charan need such a big launch? If Allu Arjun can manage a

flop-less career without a big launch just based on basics of

movie making(story-screenplay-action-direction-music),

shouldn't Charan be following his footsteps? Does Charan need

a mass image right from his first movie?

In my opinion, it would have been a better stepping stone if

Charan was introduced as a college student in Happy Days just

to show his capabilities as a good dancer and fighter.

By the way, even my name is Charan :-)
D Amala on 1st Oct 2007, 1:59am | Permalink
Ravindranath on 30th Sep 2007, 8:24am | Permalink
Love me and love my dog is the old adage. Adore me and adore my son is the new bye word. Do not expect too much. Compare this from Chiru's maiden movie and rate it
Kprakash on 29th Sep 2007, 11:51pm | Permalink

Telugu films are officially banned after this movie and all our BSF are called off temporarily

Considering the type of scripts Andhra pradesh govt. banned telugu movies.Many complaints are received from various sources. telugu films are copied, anti gravity,hero bashing 100 ppl with single hand,old heroes trying to romance heroines of their daughters age,mind boring music,2 type of stories either it may be college love story or hero success over villain and marrying heroine whose main part is to nach gana that too in her dreams cos hero never tries to woo her while heroines dying for romancing heroes,no drama from hero and heroines,heridity rights of our young generation heroes,heroes shitty glamoured faces, filthy words as dialogues,countless heads lifted into air{villain or his right hand} by our great heroes. So GOVT. called for a ban on telugu movies instead impressed by their guts our telugu movie heroes are send to replace BSF as GOVT. they would serve the purpose better infact best. NO terrorist ever enters into indian soils fearing our beasty heroes.kudos to GOVT. for their action.The desicion is welcomed from all parts of the community and it is surpsising to note that even the opposition parties have welcomed it. Our heroes are seeing packing their luggage.3 heroes tried to attempt suicide but its not official

Chalam on 29th Sep 2007, 8:41pm | Permalink
Good review.
Pokiri Salman on 29th Sep 2007, 2:47pm | Permalink
priyanka what about sawariya stars.Dont comment with half baked knowledge.Only hollywood tries to encourage genuine talent not telugu,hindi,tamil
Balu on 29th Sep 2007, 1:24pm | Permalink
Ramcharan is good
Priyanka Rao on 29th Sep 2007, 11:38am | Permalink
The movie is absolute crap and nothing else. It is the telugu audience who is to blame who encourage all these heriditary actors. What more do you expect from these successors? Go watch Johnny Gaddaar.
Raja Reddy on 29th Sep 2007, 12:00am | Permalink
THE WORST MOVIE i have seen,,,
mana chiru paruvu tisadi kada,,,
Maggi K on 28th Sep 2007, 11:56pm | Permalink
Okies, I probably have no right to write anything,but I just couldnt help myself. I havent seen the flick n I dont think I have I have the time to make for it,thanks to review.All I wanted to say is,the reviews in this site for our lame sorry ass telugu flicks dominated by even lamer star kids are most real.They r funny,real, honest n sometimes more fun to read than the flicks themselves.So yeah,my time here is well spelt..whoever has written this n the ones before (if u the same person)cheers to u man!N yeah, charan,bunny, vishnu or some other snob..I DONT CARE.N fullhyd,plz keep up the good work n protectin us from crap.cya!
Young Talent on 28th Sep 2007, 11:46pm | Permalink
Fans are satisfied with Charantej's dances. According to the fans the First half is better than the Second half . The main drawabacks of the are the Routine story and a very weak Comedy Track.

People who don't want to loose the thrill(ofcoz there is no thrill in the movie in reality) can simply jump to other pages.. Others Go Ahead...

The Movie starts off with the hero shown as a kid. Hero Charan's Father role is played by Surya (SHOW fame/Doctor in SD-MBBS not TAMIL HERO SURYA :)). Due to his straight forward attitude he gets killed by the bad guy, played by Aasish Vidhyardhi and his Mother gets hospitalised in the same episode. Now Charan becomes helpless with no money to save his mother and accepts a deal to get into the Jail in order to save his mother. Charan makes freinds with Venumadhav in the Jail. He gets out of the Jail and gets a Job of a Guide in Bangkok. He meets the Heroine there and the scenes between the Lead Pair are not that impressive.

The fisrt song of the Movie Yamaho..Yama has just started.The first song is over. Charan has the ease in his dances and has succeded in reaching the expectations of the fans. With Huge expectations among the audience Charan seems to be OK with his acting capabilities so far. MS Narayana plays the Boss to Charantej. In bangkok the scenes between the Lead Pair continue and the 2nd song Ivvale.. has started now. This song too starts off without a proper lead and situation.

Ali's introduction has recieved a good applause in the theater. But his comedy track is not so impressive. The fight which comes when the goons tease the heroine is good. It has been picturised with a Karate Backdrop and Charan is impressive. After the fight Heroine's father, Prakash Raj asks Charantej to be his daughters Body Gaurd. The third song Yendhuko... has just begun. Till now except for Charantej's dances nothing is so impressive. The heroine seems to be a big let down for the Movie (worst heroine selection for 2nd time~1st time is SDZ)

The movie is OK so far. The action sequences are lengthy and basically there is no story to grip the audience. The much known Puri comedy has been missing. Charantej looks promising but the rest all are not upto the mark!

After the Interval Hero and Heroine get lost on an Island. The Scenes between the Lead Pair are good. Charantej has more dailogues in the second half of the movie. The fourth Song Maro..Maro..(pakka massss song .. steps are OK) is going on now! mani's music is Xcellent.Dances in all the songs till now are ok.

The teasing Scenes between the Hero and Heroine are good. The way the Hero proposes his love to the Heroine is shown in a very good way. There is a scene between MS Narayana and Dharmavarapu where MS Narayana hints not to judge any person in the first look. The fifth Song Love u ra.. has started.

Hero tells his flash back to the heroine. Prakash Raj comes and takes away his daugther from the Hero. The dailodues between Prakashraj and the heroine are also good. The sixth song Chiruthosthe... is going on now.

The tempo picks up a bit towards the end but again the Climax of the movie is a bit dragged. The theme is inspired from Chiranjeevi's KHAIDI. At the end of the Movie fans are satisfied with Charantej's acting and dancing skills. They strongly believe they have another Hero in the making. The major disappointments are the Story, heroine and Lack of Entertainment throughout the Movie. Lets wait and see how the Movie fares at the Box-Office as the Movie has got enormous hype and attention all over the State. Stay tuned for the complete Review tommorow!
Raju on 28th Sep 2007, 11:32pm | Permalink
already super hit ane talk vachindi.anti fans munde negative talk start cheyalasindi
MANOJ on 28th Sep 2007, 10:25pm | Permalink
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